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General Internal Medicine Faculty Roster

GIM faculty group picture

Name Title Area(s) of Interest
Abeles, Ruth HS Assistant Clinical Professor obesity, women’s health, medical student and resident education and training
Ahuja, Karuna HS Associate Clinical Professor
Albers, Unna HS Clinical Professor resident and medical student education, medication reconcilation and quality improvement
Alsaigh, Tom Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine genomics, vascular medicine, atherosclerosis, venous disease
Balu, Arthi HS Associate Clinical Professor physician burnout and wellness, telehealth
Bell, Kristin HS Clinical Professor whole health, physician burnout and wellness, acupuncture, reduction in alerts/reminders
Boss, Gerard Professor nitric oxide/cyclic GMP, drug development 
Cederquist, Lynette HS Clinical Professor clinical ethics, chronic pain management
Cené, Crystal Professor of Clinical Medicine equity, diversity, and inclusion
Chao, Edward HS Clinical Professor improving diabetes care with non-invasive sensors and design thinking, faculty mentorship
Charat, Stacy HS Clinical Professor chronic pain and opioid use dependence, medical student and resident education and assessment
Chen, Jessica HS Clinical Professor
Clark, John HS Associate Clinical Professor non-surgical weight management and medical care of patients following bariatric surgery, quality/process improvement, and value-based care
Dang, Tuan HS Clinical Professor
DeConde, Jennifer HS Associate Clinical Professor clinician education
Diaz, Joseph HS Assistant Clinical Professor physician burnout and wellness
Dollarhide, Adrian HS Clinical Professor HRO development, patient safety 
Golomb, Beatrice Professor in Residence drug/chemical/environment triggered health problems and risk benefit, research methods 
Grunvald, Eduardo HS Clinical Professor obesity, bariatric surgery
Gupta, Rahul Physician
Hakim, Miriam Physician
Hill, Deanna HS Clinical Professor chronic pain management and opioid stewardship, medical student and resident education 
Hlavin, Patricia HS Clinical Professor emergency medicine
Hofflich, Heather HS Clinical Professor bone health and osteoporosis
Hose, Michal HS Clinical Professor primary care sports medicine, medical education
Jarrin, Diego HS Clinical Professor
Jassal, Simerjot HS Clinical Professor graduate medical education, chronic kidney disease 
Jong, Pamela HS Clinical Professor physician mental health and well-being, medical student and resident education, colon cancer screening
Kanter, Simone HS Clinical Professor healthcare professional well-being and fulfillment, women’s health 
Karuvannur, Shyamala HS Clinical Professor medical education, clinical research, military sexual trauma, women’s health issues 
Li, Steven Tien HS Clinical Professor medical informatics
Lopez, Tony HS Clinical Professor
Lunde, Ottar HS Clinical Professor cardiovascular disease (hypertension and heart failure), obesity, sleep medicine 
Ma, Lawrence HS Associate Clinical Professor
Martin, Leslie HS Clinical Professor
Mehta, Gita Professor healthcare communication, faculty education
Mendez, Eric HS Assistant Clinical Professor LGBTQ health, HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis 
Michelsen, James HS Clinical Professor access to primary care services, improving quality of primary care services 
Millen, Marlene HS Clinical Professor
Moran, Ryan James HS Associate Clinical Professor quality improvement/process enhancement, aging resilience, fall prevention, preventive medicine 
Prussak, Natalie HS Assistant Clinical Professor
Quan, Anna HS Clinical Professor musculoskeletal medicine, medical student and resident education 
Restaino, Nivedita HS Associate Clinical Professor
Ruo, Bernice HS Clinical Professor medical student and resident education and assessment, research study design, faculty development, preventive medicine, chronic disease management of cardiovascular disease 
Sachdev, Namita HS Clinical Professor chronic illness management, integrative medicine
Sani, Armelia HS Clinical Professor
Schultz (Le), Christina HS Clinical Professor traveler’s health, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases, health and wellness, medical student and resident education 
Shah, Nilesh HS Clinical Professor telemedicine, diabetes 
Shankar, Megha HS Assistant Clinical Professor women’s health, social justice 
Sitapati, Amy HS Clinical Professor clinical informatics, public health informatics, Kelee meditation, leadership, quality, breast cancer, equity, compassion 
Stepnowsky, Carl Adjunct Professor behavioral sleep medicine, health services research, patient-reported outcomes, treatment adherence
Thorisdottir, Hilda HS Clinical Professor
Tiu, Alfredo HS Associate Clinical Professor Nephrology, HIV 
Vyas, Dhwanil HS Assistant Clinical Professor
Wan, Lori HS Clinical Professor medical education
Wei, Jennie HS Associate Clinical Professor promoting physician well-being
Wong, Melissa HS Assistant Clinical Professor resident and medical student education, electronic health record navigation and efficiency
Woytowitz, Manjulika HS Clinical Professor
Yu, Pearl HS Clinical Professor