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Gerry Boss Laboratory

A message from Dr. Boss

I have combined primary care internal medicine with basic laboratory research throughout my career.  Although to many physicians this may seem a strange combination, the two areas of work complement each other well.  Laboratory work is characterized by delayed gratification, sometimes delayed to the point of wanting to give up, whereas primary care can provide an immediate sense of fulfillment, even though many frustrations can arise in delivering high-quality care.  Moreover, basic science research should not be the purview of only subspecialists.  There is no reason why primary care should not be able to pursue basic laboratory work.  It should also be noted that basic science transcends medical specialties and one does not have to be a cardiologist or nephrologist to study transduction pathways in cardiomyocytes or renal tubular epithelial cells. 

I have worked in different areas from regulation to carbon flow through the folate pathway to Ras/MAP kinase signaling.  I currently have two major research activities.  The first is developing the vitamin B12 analog cobinamide as a new therapy for poisoning by multiple toxic chemicals as well as radiation-induced cell damage.  Cobinamide has a very high affinity for cyanide and free radicals, and acts as a scavenger of these toxic chemicals.  Much of the detrimental effects of radiation are mediated via free radicals.  As a vitamin B12 analog, cobinamide is relatively non-toxic, and we have had several pre-Investigators New Drug (IND) meetings with the Food and Drug Administration.  We hope to be in clinical trials sometime in 2023. 

The second major area of research is studying the regulation of purine nucleotide synthesis by amino acid availability and the phosphatidylinosol 3-kinase/Akt pathway.  We have found that amino acids are potent regulators of purine nucleotide synthesis, and that Akt phosphorylates transketolase, a key enzyme in the non-oxidative pentose phosphate pathway that supplies ribose sugars for purine synthesis.  As part of these studies, the lab has found that purine synthesis is regulated during the cell cycle.  This work could lead to novel forms of cancer treatment since purines are required for DNA and RNA synthesis and cellular metabolism. 

In my laboratory, there are currently two Project Scientists, two postdoctoral fellows, one graduate student, and two research technicians.  In addition, I collaborate closely with another physician-scientist faculty member. 

Publications Since 2017 

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