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General Internal Medicine Quality

Ryan Moran Ruth Abeles Ottar Lunde  Lisa Wastila

Ryan Moran, M.D., M.P.H.

Ruth Abeles, M.D.

Ottar Lunde, M.D.

Lisa Wastila, M.D.

Eric Mendez  HOFFLICH-HEADSHOT2.png Jessica Chen  Unna Albers

Eric Mendez, M.D. 

Heather Hofflich, D.O.

Jessica Chen, M.D.

Unna Albers, M.D.

GIM Quality Improvement Committee services internal faculty priorities for both quality improvement and quality assurance.  Our committee represents a broad range of experience and talent and collectively works to align divisional interests with organizational objectives.  Collectively, we work to improve the health of our patients but also our workflows, given a mutually aligned interest in process enhancement and systems improvement.

Meetings occur quarterly and more frequently if needed to service the following priorities:

  1. To discuss updates for ongoing projects and connect stakeholders to assure these projects continue to meet their objectives
  2. To consider, review, and approve appropriate information for Divisional dissemination either formally through Newsletter or informally through email
  3. To function as the Peer-Review platform for grievances or concerns brought forward against Divisional members.

Member-specific areas of interest include:

  • Dr. Moran – Process enhancement and aging
  • Dr. Abeles – Obesity medicine, providing psychiatric care in primary care
  • Dr. Lunde – System transformation and innovation, hypertension
  • Dr. Wastila – Woman’s Health
  • Dr. Mendez – LGBT heath, PrEP  
  • Dr. Hofflich – Bone health
  • Dr. Chen – Workflow enhancement
  • Dr. Albers – Education and Medication Reconciliation

GIMQIC is hosted every fourth Friday from 12:15 to 1:00 PM.  In the context of COVID-19, this committee is hosted virtually via Zoom.  Contact a member for a zoom invitation.